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Elevate Homescriptions is here to simplify your life as a homeowner. You can customize your Homescription to include a Home Warranty and add on other maintenance services like pest control and pool maintenance, so you never have to worry about repairs again.

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What is a Homescription?

Home Warranty + Maintenance Services

Our plans help ensure you never have any worries about what needs fixing around the house. You get everything you need when it’s convenient for you, and there’s no need to waste time looking up repair or service providers.


Managing your Elevate Homescription is easy!

Book the preferred time slot that is most convenient for you!

Requesting service is fast – 2 minutes or less with our app.

Informed every step of the way with SMS and App notifications.

Change and update your homescription any time on the fly.

24/7 Support – call or message us 24/7.

Save $5 by scheduling service using our mobile app.

Not an app person? Call us instead.

Elevate app experience

Not an app person? Call us instead.

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