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Summer is here and the heat is coming! These 10 essential home preparation tips will help make sure your house is ready for it.

1. Don’t Skip the Cleaning

Winter creates a lot of dust accumulation, especially when it’s an extra long winter like this year. Clean your windows inside and out, dust off all your lights, disinfect surfaces like your stair rail, light switches, and cabinet hardware, and clean out your dryer vent. Better yet, if you don’t want to hound your kids to help you clean your windows, you can add a window cleaning and even a dryer vent cleaning through your Homescription. Click here to add it onto your Homescription today!

2. Check your thermostat before the crazy heatwave hits

Imagine it’s the 4th of July, you’ve got lots of family in town, and have just returned from a long day in the sun on a hike. Everyone is ready to sit down, relax, and enjoy the AC and just take a break. And then your AC goes out. You don’t want your guests to start melting, right?

To avoid this catastrophe, do a little pre-heatwave test. Turn your thermostat to AC mode, and set the temperature 5 degrees colder than your house’s current setting. If you don’t hear cool air start flowing within a few minutes, something must be a little off. You can easily contact one of our Service Pros through the Elevate app and they’ll be in contact with you quickly! Here’s a link to the app on the Google Play Store and on the Apple Store.

3. Schedule an HVAC maintenance check

AC tune-ups are included in all our Home Warranty plans, so even if it seems like your AC is working ok, you can book an appointment today and only pay a $75 service fee.

4. Make sure your fans rotate counterclockwise

This motion pushes the cool air down and circulates it well, making your AC work more efficiently. Always have your ceiling fans running on low and counterclockwise when your AC is on. This tip is essential to make sure you are using your energy most efficiently, so definitely check out our other article on the importance of ceiling fan spinning direction here to learn more!

Make sure your fan rotates counterclockwise in the summer so that you make the most of your AC.

5. Install window film or shades to block out heat

Reflective window film reflects light on the outside like a mirror and blocks people from seeing into your windows, but you can still see out. It’s a great way to be able to block the hot sun rays while still having a view and some natural light come into your home. You can also plant shade trees or install an awning over windows to provide shade in the areas with the most direct sunlight.

You can easily buy window film from Amazon, Walmart or any other store that’s close to you!

6. Check your gutters

During winter, gutters can get clogged or broken. Ensure they face away from your foundation to avoid water pooling up near the base of your house and causing leaking problems.

7. Test and dust your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors

There’s nothing worse than hearing your detectors blare in the middle of the night. Test them out to see if you need to replace the batteries or if dust has accumulated and blocked the sensors.

8. Put away your cozy winter items and embrace summer

No need to keep your heavy blankets around when the sun is shining. Make room for lighter throw blankets.

9. Be aware of when your doors or windows are open

Ensure they’re closed when your AC is on so that you’re not paying for cool air that just flows right out.

10. Check for air leaks

Make sure your house is properly sealed by testing the stripping and caulking around doors and windows. If you find an air leak, you can call up a professional or learn more about caulking for situations with stationary objects and weatherstripping for movable parts like doors or windows.

Follow these tips, and you’ll be ready for a cool and comfortable summer!