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Optimize your savings and beat the heat this summer by learning about the importance of what direction your ceiling fan is spinning!

Using your ceiling fan is super important in order to maximize your energy usage, especially in the summer.

How do I optimize my AC unit?

While air conditioning is a valuable tool to cool your home, using a ceiling fan in conjunction with it can reduce the need for constant AC use and ultimately save you money. Using your AC removes heat from your house, but combining it with a ceiling fan ensures that your room temperature is consistent throughout the day and you won’t need to run the AC all the time. Less time using your AC means less money, and we always love that. If your AC does ever go out and you have a home warranty with us, you can easily request someone to come out and fix it by clicking here!

Ceiling fan direction in the summer.

Believe it or not, the direction your fan spins does make a difference! In the summer you want to make sure that your fan is spinning counterclockwise, which pushes the air down and creates a cool breeze. Just using your fan in the summer can make it feel 4 degrees cooler!

Reverse it in the winter!

Change your fan to spin clockwise on low speed in the winter for the opposite effect. In the cooler months you won’t need that cool breeze, but taking advantage of your ceiling fan will help to redistribute the warm air throughout the room. The updraft forces the warm air that gets stuck by the ceiling back down so you can enjoy the coziness of your home.

How do I tell which direction my fan is spinning?

It’s simple! Just stand under your fan with it running and watch the blades spin. If they are rotating from right to left (counterclockwise) it is in summer mode, and if the blades move from left to right (clockwise) it is in winter mode.

Quick Tip

How do you remember when to change the direction of your fan? Just follow when we change our clocks! So when we “fall back,” change your fan to winter mode and when we “spring forward” change it to summer mode.

Big Takeaway!
Summer = ceiling fan spins COUNTERCLOCKWISE (updraft)
Winter = ceiling fan spins CLOCKWISE (downdraft)