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What is a Homescription?

Home Warranty + Maintenance Services

Our plans help ensure you never have any worries about what needs fixing around the house. You get everything you need when it’s convenient for you, and there’s no need to waste time looking up repair or service providers.

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A Remote for your Home

Book the preferred time slot that is most convenient for you!

Requesting service is fast – 2 minutes or less with our app.

Informed every step of the way with SMS and App notifications.

Change and update your homescription any time on the fly.

24/7 Support – call or message us 24/7.

Save $5 by scheduling service using our mobile app.

Not an app person? Call us instead.

Elevate app experience

Not an app person? Call us instead.

The Elevate App. Manage all your home appliance services with our easy-to-use app.

Easily open a new service request, start a new subscription, or view your invoices. 

The Elevate Homescription App

The Elevate Homescription app allows you to take control of your home, from your fingertips. Order coverage, submit claims, view invoices,  and manage the service delivery process.

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Now, Managing Your Home Has Never Been Easier!

With 24/7 support, you’ll never have to worry about home maintenance again.

Watch the account setup video

Testimonial 1

I can't believe how helpful this company is. They are reasonable, deal with great contractors, and SO FAST! All issues have been resolved quickly with great technicians. When I did need a new appliance, they wrote me a check for a reasonable amount in a day! I'm so happy with them. I even had one of their contractors tell me they are his favorite HW company to work with. They don't try to get out of paying claims and are always there to help.

Carolyn Taylor

Testimonial 1

Elevate was hands-down the easiest to communicate with with the quickest response from the tech, and the most cost effective. They did not nickel and dime the experience and did exactly what they said they would do. Additionally, the subcontractors they worked with had positive things to say about them. Elevate will continue to be the company I recommend to my clients.

Josi Kilpack

Testimonial 1

I have been with Elevate Home Warranty for a year now and each time I have called in for service requests or questions every agent has been professional and very helpful. They are fast in getting out the vendors to your home and approving the work quickly so that the job can be completed right away.

Kim Marsaw

Testimonial 1

Elevate Home Warranty makes it easy to be a homeowner. Their friendly staff, professional network of vendors, and timely service completion is what I appreciate the most. Flat fees are also nice because I know what I’m paying upfront, with no hidden fees.

Gamboa Properties, LLC