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We believe that traditional Home Warranties are broken. But we’re here to fix them through our customizable Homescription. So what makes Elevate Homescriptions different from traditional Home Warranties? What is our solution? Here are 5 key points for how we are solving the Home Warranty problem.

1. Transparent Coverage and Claim Limits

Problems: Certain appliances or systems may be excluded from coverage or repairs may be limited to a certain dollar amount in some warranties, which can be hidden in the fine print.

Our solution: To address this issue, we have eliminated 80% of our fine print and instead provide a transparent display of the systems covered under each plan, as well as the claim limit, for a hassle-free experience.

Our solution to traditional home warranties includes our clear contract, which helps people know exactly what is covered under their Homescription and what their claim limits are.

2. Speedy Service and Continuous Communication

Problem: Homeowners may face delays in scheduling and completing repairs with traditional home warranties. This can be especially frustrating when dealing with urgent repairs like your AC goes out in the middle of summer.

Our solution:

  • Requesting a service is fast! The Elevate Homeowners app makes it easy to file a claim and choose 3 times that you would be available for our Service Pros to come out and help you!
  • Stay informed every step of the way with SMS and App notifications. Once we accept your claim, you can communicate directly and easily with your contractor, ensuring that you stay informed and avoid any unexpected surprises.
  • 24/7 support – call or message us anytime with any questions!
Our Elevete Homeowner App is part of our solution to traditional home warranties, making it easy to contact our Service Pros and get help fast!

3. We Cover Unknown Pre-existing Conditions

Problem: Other home warranty companies leave you unsupported when it comes to pre-existing issues in your house.

Our Solution: But with our Inspection Protection, we cover UNKNOWN pre-existing conditions. Simply send us a copy of your home inspection report and relax – we’ve got you covered.

4. We Focus on Prevention, Not Just Repairs and Replacements

Problem: Home Warranty companies prioritize repairs and replacements over tune-ups, neglecting an important aspect of preventive maintenance.Repairs and replacements are obviously more expensive than a tune-up and so you end up spending more money.

Our solution: In addition to repairs and replacements, we also prioritize prevention services to ensure your home’s systems and appliances stay in top shape. Our Home Warranty plans include A/C and Heating System tune-ups, so you can catch minor issues early and avoid expensive replacements in the future. With Elevate Homescriptions, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that we’re not just fixing problems but preventing them from happening in the first place.You can also add on semi-annual appliance tune-ups, dryer vent cleanings, and a garage door system tune-up onto your Homescription today.

5. NEW! Maintenance Service Options

Problem: Home Warranty is just one of the many worries of homeowners, but no other company has the option to include other home care services.

Our solution: With our Homescription you can add on on-demand maintenance services such as house cleaning, pest control, lawn mowing, pool maintenance, window cleaning and more. This makes life simpler so you don’t have to manage multiple contractors, but can control all your home maintenance needs through one platform, Elevate. You can click here to start building your Homescription today.

Check out our Utah and Arizona Coverage Plan Brochures if you have any questions, or give us a call today at 801-804-5132.